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Last day of pregnancy: 38 weeks, 4 days Last day of pregnancy: 38 weeks, 4 days

Monday, the day after my water broke, we kept trying things to induce labor. We had a nice, long walk up Albany hill. The liter of Gatorade was to help me stay hydrated.
Very newborn Iris Very newborn Iris

She's maybe 15 minutes old in this picture, and hasn't been cleaned off (well, I think her face got wiped off on the blanket, but no bath yet in this picture). Her head is still molded.
Exhausted Exhausted

I'm so tired and overwhelmed in this one. Emotional and happy too - but so tired after the 17 hours of labor. I tried getting her to breastfeed, but that didn't work right away. At this point, the doctor was starting to get concerned because I was bleeding a lot and there were blood clots in my uterus.
snuggled snuggled

I think this might be my favorite picture of us.
medical medical

Ben took this one to show how much intervention there is even in a "natural" hospital birth. I've got a blood pressure cuff on (it was on for the whole pushing stage of labor). The baby and I have identification bracelets (several different ones). I've had 2 shots (pitocin and methorgen) and then an IV of pitocin to get the uterus to contract and stop the bleeding. I was so dehydrated though that it took 3 tries in different sites to get an IV in. She's already been bathed too, even though she's only about an hour old.
Nursing Nursing

Our first couple of attempts at breastfeeding didn't work well - she just wasn't interested yet and wanted to sleep. But since yesterday morning, it's worked pretty well. The hospital runs a class for new parents every day, and there was pretty good advice about getting the baby latched on.
Uncle Uncle

My brother Graham, holding Iris. His hands are so huge!

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