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Random baby bits

Iris's first pediatrician appointment was this morning. We managed to get up and out of the house early, and took the scenic route to the office (ie we got off at North Berkeley BART instead of downtown BART for a quieter, but slightly longer walk). This visit was just to get paperwork done and have her weighed and looked at. She peed on the scale. And she now weighs 7 lbs, 13oz. Down a little from when we left the hospital, but the doctor thinks that probably she lost a bit more and is on the way back up now. We go back next week.

My milk came in on Friday. Each breast is sure it's responsible for feeding the baby, and at the same time. Yesterday, I was nursing Iris, and when I finished, I realized that her outfit was soaked through. I thought we'd forgotten a cover on her diaper or something, but that turned out not to be the case. I was mystified, until I noticed the cooling wet spot on my shirt. I'd soaked through a breastpad, my tank top, and her clothes. On the upside, nursing got much less painful once there was more milk. Now she sucks just a little bit and then swallows a lot to keep up with all the milk dripping into her mouth.

So far, she's learned only a few tricks. We've been mostly calling Iris "Froggy", because she always scrunches her legs up like a big frog. She's gotten very good at taking her socks off. She's also working on getting around by jet propulsion.

We've had our first visitors over the past couple of days (treboresque, rubrick, and zdamiana who brought pumpkin bread, cute baby clothes, and a story book!). hukuma is coming over this evening. I think we're ready for more visitors over the next couple weeks, if anyone reading this would like to come meet the baby. We've been getting out of the house a little bit each day (groceries, breastfeeding support group, Asian mall, pediatrician etc.), but it might be a while before we make it out of El Cerrito and Berkeley.

And finally, there are some pictures from our time at home. The first set of pictures lacked bsittler because he took most of them. These are ones I took, so he's in them all. Guys holding babies are incredibly cute (it's not that I'm a homewrecker - it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see men being good fathers), but it's even better when the guy in question is the father of your child. :-)

Napping together

Holding Iris in the sling. This is how we take her out of the house. Ben looks like a pregnant man. By the way, I've since cleaned the fishtank - it is much less overgrown now.

Our family. (Minus the cats, who were also both lounging nearby but weren't in-frame for the photo.)
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